Types of Cupping

Types of Cupping

Weak to Medium Cupping (Tonifying)
This method is intended to remove stagnation and tonify weak chi and blood without depleting energy of frail or compromised persons. Any heat/fire suction used is less intense- when applying to skin surface.

Strong Cupping (Drainage-focused)
The suction in this method is the firmest and can actually drain energies, manipulate significant amounts of blood, lymph-often leaving visible "markings" i.e. (a hickey) on the skin, not a rupture or bruising like in true injuries. The Western term for this is petechia, a slight subcutaneous discharge of blood from the vessels. These discolorations can take a few hours or even two weeks in extreme stagnation and toxicity. As treatments accumulate, marks tend to occur less.

Moving/Glide Cupping
Most easily done on larger areas of the body, this helps conditions such as inflammation, acne, or similar lesion states. Working around an open wound/sore, this can be most helpful for painful, swollen joints by relocating excess fluids to the surface levels.

Needle Cupping (Draining)
This is typically offered by acupuncturists for knee/elbow joints or other qualifying symptom states. Specialized training is a must as the skin is "opened" and scope of practice and safety /hygiene is the concern.

Moxa (Hot Needle) Cupping
Moxa is a warming herb often used by acupuncturists for "Cold" syndromes such as the flu /common cold, and pain (arthritis). This herb or blend can tonify blood and chi thereby improving the overall constitution.

Empty/Flash Cupping
This can be a medium to strong method with short treatment. Empty cupping is used to raise the immune system in weak, frail, or children's bodies. Rapid transfer from body segments is one such application---keeping the cups going from one area on to the next area, repeating as needed.

Full Bleeding/Wet Cupping
Common in Europe and Asia, well trained and qualified providers can purge "foul", toxic, sticky, congealing, low oxygenated blood -considered the cause of disease processes. It is used for many reasons beyond this site explanation. Very strict sanitation/universal precautions are expected. The frequency can vary depending on symptom picture and health history, and client comfort/compliance with pre and post treatment instructions.

Herbal Cupping
This method is generally offered when stiffness and aching occurs (asthma/ colds/cough). Bamboo cups can readily soak in herbal preparations, keep in heat from flame source and offer some flexibility on skin due to unique fiber composition.

Water Cupping
This also involves a very experienced provider since it involves filling a glass or bamboo cup one-third full with warm water. It is purported to help a variety of conditions.

Ventosa/Bentosa Cupping (Fire/flame method)
This is also called Filipino cupping whereas a tiny lit candle (tea light) is placed on skin. A regular drinking glass in then placed over the lit flame. This seals the skin, supplies negative pressure, flame is now extinguished and the skin is pulled up. One can glide or leave glass in place as "parked". This can be a viable home- style method for immediate needs. Always use supervision and caution with fire and heat !!!
There are more methods (saline cupping) from other countries and many testimonials to the rapid benefits of cupping.
Olympic athletes and celebrities alike have proclaimed the true value of modern day cupping treatments.

I welcome your questions or concerns. A free (15 minute) meet and greet can help you "feel" what these cups can do for you.

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