What is Purification Rituals?

This is my personal synthesis of academics, trainings and career paths as a medical esthetician, body worker, energy practioner and psychotherapist. Multiple modalities arise from each domain and with that numerous tools, techniques, and principles I craft into an integrative approach in working with each person. I validate, listen, witness and facilitate the wisdom of each individual to make different choices for their transformation. Sometimes, it may start with the physical body, and other times in the realm of soul/spirit.

This private practice is not promoting a particular faith or religious affiliation. The name came to me repeatedly while living in L.A. as the congestion of this metro city was showing its own signs of stress fatigue- while emerging through layers of many generational and cultural persuasions. People wanted to clean up their skin, the air, their gut, the ocean, and their thinking. (The Goddess Movement also enhanced the charm and esthetics of hands-on therapies in the launch of Purification Rituals for the Body Mind and Spirit.
This coming together of many healing modalities gave my practice and my own healing journey some interesting avenues-remember crystal gem lay-outs, pyramids, iridology, sweats, hot yoga, ear coning, and rebirthing? It was the thing to do, especially if one was in this business-detox in as many ways as possible! Cutting edge perspectives were greatly valued in the 1980's and 90's. Experimentation was rewarded in conventional health and medicine. Enormous growth in complementary fields still affects our East -West collaboration.
Toning, chanting, prayer, movement, trance dance, Chi Gong, and various group ceremonies opened and deepened my channels for Guides, ngels, and Wise Beings to assist me. Sage smudging is still one of my favorite and easy rituals to offer if suitable, and also do for my body, my pets and sacred space of home.

The Mission & Philosophy of Purification Rituals

Purification Rituals is a place, a safe place to absorb soothing energies, release what does not serve you and your highest vibration, unfold and relax, and be with yourself. You may want to remain relatively quiet with minimal verbalizing, or you may need to vent, articulate or process an event, memory, or current emotional state. Each session has its own agenda, priorities and you are responsible for doing your best, that's it. I am responsible for doing my best. We work together while pacing the sessions accordingly to your goals.

What does a typical session consist of ?

Your initial session begins with a consultation and review of intake forms to establish a clear plan for meeting your therapeutic needs. Each session thereafter includes a brief check-in to determine the next course of action, review past work, and verify what is current in your life. You may choose to be fully clothed (not for Massage Cupping as an exception), partially clothed (your swimsuit or my Velcro- type spa gown) or nude under draping towels and sheets. Inform me of areas you do not want touched or exposed. You are free to bring your own lotion/oils, if you prefer - based on unusual sensitivities. I prefer that this be comfortable for you. Clients are usually on a flat table with bolsters and a variety of padding options. Some can be in a chair or lie on their side as well. Advise me of any special needs upon calling. Translators and care provider assisting you in transport are welcome. Photographs of injuries, scars or deformities being treated may be requested by me, and I will need a written release from you. Your condition may also need a physician's permission note. Our initial consult should cover these legal and ethical questions.

How long is a session?

I am very flexible in arrangements with your time.
I offer treatment time in 15 minute increments for $10.00.
Most select $40.00 /hr. if new to massage or bodywork.
Fee is subject to change, so verify upon calling. Gift certificates are available.

Massage Cupping Therapy Safety

All ages can benefit with prudent practioners properly trained in this technique.
Generally, over-use or prolonged (that simple x-tra 5 minutes) in a normal session can be a common misuse of cupping. It just seems "so simple" to most at first glance or initial experience. It truly does feel "so good", that client's may self- report a bit inaccurately or askew. Mutual communication throughout the session is a hallmark of this specialty. Client's zoning or spacing out may not be ideal for the first session or two, as you compile the working/treatment goals, reaction, preferences and priorities of the work to be addressed.

For a first time client, it is best to be conservative, than aim to address every ailment or system in trouble. This can be an intense therapy and the impact on the entire body-mind is truly significant-it can bring up more than physical matter. Neurology, emotions and meta-physical (spiritual) issues can also be a component experienced by some individuals. They may have their own take or "story" attached to this phenomenon, so cultural bias must be taken into consideration. Supervision and confidential consultations may be an avenue to seek professional competency in this regard.

Children and the (compromised) elderly using blood thinners, diabetic conditions, etc. generally require gentle and conservative treatment implementation to establish a baseline. Case coordination with a release, may be indicated for complex presentations.
Sometimes, a doctor's note may be requested for unusual situations or borderline acceptance for this deep tissue modality.

To facilitate proper waste elimination, sufficient hydration (pure/clean water) is strongly suggested before and after a session, as well as avoiding excessive heat or cold conditions immediately following some of the "stronger" cupping techniques. As always, a complete history/intake assessment process at the start will assist in the treatment plan.

Photos may be taken with a signed/dated release when applicable, as in an identifiable facial photograph. Written permission from a parent or legal guardian will be required for minors.

NOTE: I do not diagnose nor participate in any third party insurance plans, worker's compensation or liens. You do get an office visit receipt of payment.
(Local checks or cash only).

I do have a colleague also certified in Massage Cupping if interested in Tandem / 4-hand sessions last normally 90 minutes.
Call for current fee, as TWO practioners are working on one client.

I look forward to being a part of your detoxification process, and thank you for visiting Purification Rituals.

May I leave you with this thoughtful quote?

"It's not the load that breaks you down- It's the way you carry it".
-Lena Horne

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