Electric Medi-Cupping

Electric Medi-Cupping™

The same movements, techniques and protocols in Massage Cupping are incorporated into the electric, mechanized machine method. This is using a portable unit that plugs into the wall outlet and is very compatible with the medical field services.

Trained cupping practioners may address pathologies such as pre and post operative conditions, scar tissue, lymphatic/edema conditions, and pain management concerns in muscular-joint areas.

These efficient vacuum therapies can be used in spas, facial, massage and bodywork centers, in addition to sport, wellness or specialty clinics. The breast pump has best a well known modality in the West for decades.

Ever wonder about our body's exposure to illness, injury, toxicity, surgery, or (chronic) stressors ? How about exposures from the environment (places, people) that may reside or be partially "present" in cells or tissue ? Our bodies may have wrapped up a cyst or tumor in joints or soft organs to essentially protect us from circulating this pathogen. Bodies will store, sometimes deeply, what we can't eliminate.
So, no wonder the end result is an accumulation of cellular waste, partial medication breakdown, inflammatory agents, increased acids, fungus, bacteria parasites, yeast, and so on pooling in our ever slower lymph system. This helps explain our profound sensitivity to touch in some areas. Waste is painful.

Degeneration in younger ages is more prevalent (diabetes, cancer, auto -immune, asthma, etc) and ordinarily healthy people become quickly fatigued and bloated out of shape. Being in a state of inflammation combined with erratic or poor lifestyle choices, the water in our body is simply "fried" out. This can lead to a horrible tailspin for some who have been predisposed by birth or genetics. All systems try to compensate for this downward spiral, leading to an accommodation phase, and then eventually succumb to atrophy of a gland or organ. Circulation and flow are crucial to turning most symptoms around.
This is why physical activity is suggested for the bed bound, those using wheelchairs and individuals with limited mobility.

Having a powerful tool, such as the electric vacuum, offers radical changes for the following: non-ambulatory, those under going cancer radiation or chemotherapy, or needing greater water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue. Clearing this congested soft tissue as early as possible produces an increase in function and a huge catalyst for over turning challenges without controversial medications or extreme measures.

The cupping technician uses the various glass or plastic cups to feel and in a sense "read" tension, tightness, glitches, adhesions, and other fibrotic issues in the muscles and fascia.

The pressure can be adjusted into six different modes of suction and release. Electric vacuuming can produce for some, significant changes such as "tasting" anesthesia or old blood from distant/remote surgery, or "re-smelling" second hand smoke as a child with asthma, even forty years later this material can be resurfaced for a more complete elimination. Some experience visual memories, twinges, and emotional activation as old files are stirred upward.

My background as a relationship psychotherapist (MFT) has assisted many through the energy aspect of trauma, shock or other injuries. After a few sessions, the tissues can more readily absorb water (this means drinking enough too) thus keeping itself in a moist state, lubricated to deliver vital nutrients. Waste is then quickly transiting out of the body, not putrefying or polluting fragile networks. A quality client's value is that this method lifts- without force. Although it is a sensitive process to re-visit a deep, painful scar or long-standing injury, perhaps even loaded with emotional baggage, the end result is worth it!

Attend a Cupping Clinic (free 15 minute demonstration) to see for yourself how simple and unique this time honored treatment feels. Email me for dates.

My own quality of life greatly improved from many types of cupping including needle, blood/wet cupping to address tremendous pain and poor range of motion from four orthopedic surgeries (stainless steel plates/screws) in one knee and both ankles. I know first hand the rapid shift and less reliance on prescription pills which easily affected my entire system and limited my mental state.

Cupping massage is now a crucial part of my wellness and self care routine. I would be honored to help you discover what will lead you to an improved and better experience in your evolving body as well.

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